*Pool ranking on website may not be accurate in the event of a tie*
Ranking is determined as such:
  • Games won
  • In a two-way tie, the team who won against the other will rank above
  • In a three way tie, points for/points against will be calculated

Intermediate league table

1B3 French Connection1244096761.263
2B1 Smash Club943189881.011
4B2 Nacho Ball341375850.882
5B4 Reece’s Pieces040472970.742

Intermediate – Pool C

1C2 Voll-atile943196511.882
1C4 Morningwood933072541.333
3C1 Block Party632163650.969
4C3 Still Smashing341370950.737
5B5 Ball Busters0000000.000
5C5 We Always Get it UP040463990.636

Intermediate - Pool D

1D2 Thighway to Heaven943182811.012
1D3 Hitmen943190801.125
3D1 Chewblocka642284900.933
4D5 Les Benchwarmers331266641.031
5D4 Notorious D.I.G.030360670.896