Tournament Rules for Co-ed Volleyball

  1. We ask captains to remind their teammates to respect our referees and score keepers, as they are volunteers. The Luc-Gosselin Tournament’s main objective is to give everyone the opportunity to play volleyball in a friendly and fun environment.
    Game format
  2. The net is Women’s regulation height (2.24m or 7’4”)
  3. Home team (the first team listed on the schedule) shall call the coin toss
  4. Round robin: All matches are assigned 20 minutes, including a 5 minute warm-up and 15 minutes of play time.
    1. In the case of a general delay, time will be made up by reducing warm up time. Please be present at your scheduled time.
  5. Team causing delay of game: 1 point lost for every delayed 30 seconds of the 15 minute play time
  6. If a match of 25 points is completed before the time runs out, then teams may play “for fun”. Cap at 25 points or when 15 minutes run out, whichever happens first.
  7. Playoffs (except gold medal final): Cap at 25 points
  8. Bronze medal finals: One set to 25 – won by 2 points
  9. Gold medal finals: Best of three sets (2 of 25 and 1 of 15 – win by 2 points)
  10. “Elite” division players are not allowed to sub for “Intermediate” or “Recreational” division games. “Intermediate” division players cannot sub for “Recreational” division games.
    ***Teams are responsible for pointing out illegal players to the referees***
  11. Only players registered on that team’s roster may play in the playoffs.
    ***Teams are responsible for pointing out illegal players to the referees***


  12. Teams must have 3 registered male and 3 registered female players on the court at all times
  13. Starting rotation of each rally must alternate between male and female
  14. Players can be subbed after each rotation at position 6, and use consistent subs
  15. Libero players are not allowed
  16. Only 1 (one) service attempt is allowed
  17. Gab-Roy half-courts: Players are allowed to step into the court without passing the dotted line
  18. Recreational
    1. No jump or spin serves
    2. Max 3 consecutive serves per player.

18. Males can only complete a legal attack if it is performed as a back-row player (i.e. jumping behind the 3m line), irrespective of their position on the court

19. Males contacting the ball over the net, while standing in front of the 3m line and sending the ball in a downward trajectory is considered a violation (without jumping)

20. A male blocker may only contact the ball if it has not crossed the net into his side, because it is considered a back-row violation

21. Side-by-side blocking by 2 males is only allowed on a male hitter. Blockers must be alternating (i.e. male-female-male) on a female hitter.