*Pool ranking on website may not be accurate in the event of a tie*
Ranking is determined as such:
  • Games won
  • In a two-way tie, the team who won against the other will rank above
  • In a three way tie, points for/points against will be calculated

Elite – Pool E

1E1 BTN Volleynations125411131061.066
1E3 No Diggity12440100721.389
3E2 Team Dornez632169621.113
4E5 Balock Obama341388900.978
4E6 That’s What She Set341380950.842
6E4 Balls Deep040473980.745

Elite – Pool F

1F3 Ball Busters1244095651.462
2F1 Attack Pack632163660.955
3F4 2 Bump Chumps331261680.897
3F5 Spikelops321144421.048
5F2 The Nobs040475970.773